Serrapeptase – Natural Cancer Therapy

Serrapeptase can be used safely to help with cancer related symptoms. A safe and natural enzyme provided by Mother Nature that has minimal if any side effects. Is non-toxic, non-addictive and can help replace harsher chemicals and drugs used in cancer therapy.


If you do not know what Serrapeptase is this article will go through what it is and how it can help cancer sufferers.


Serrapeptase Is A Proteolytic Enzyme.


Proteolytic simply means that it digests or dissolves -  it helps to break down proteins known as fibrin.

Fibrin is found in tumours, cysts,dead red blood and muscle cells.

How Do Proteolytic Enzymes Such As Serrapeptase Work In The Human Body?

Serrapeptase enzymes enter into the blood stream. They then seek out protein debris and waste matter that is left behind by the various inflammatory reactions going on in the body. These enzymes will clean up the arterial pathways and dissolve obstructions.

When there is any form of inflammation in the body it has a knock-on effect on all the systems in the body. All inflammatory diseases can in the long term create further obstructions in the body and lead to  problems such as heart disease, strokes and cancer.Proteolytic systemic enzymes are extremely beneficial for people who are suffering from any form of low level chronic inflammation.


Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes Support The Immune System

The human body depends upon thousands of different types of enzymes. Without enzymes the human body would not function effectively at all. Enzymes are involved in every single chemical reaction in our body. Systemic enzymes – because they are system wide in our bodies – are a catalyst to help chemical processes function quickly. Without the use of enzymes all the processes in our body would function extremely slowly leading to all sorts of pathogen infections and bacterial attacks.

There are over 3000 different types of enzymes that human body depends upon.

There is also group of enzymes known as systemic enzymes known as Proteolytic enzymes that help a cancer patient to clear up all waste and dead material created by cancer cells.

In the case of cancer it is extremely important that we have optimal levels of enzymes in our body. These enzymes can be reduced due to the fact that the body is under attack and more enzymes are needed to fight cancer.

People with cancer benefit from increasing the different types of enzymes especially enzymes such as Proteolytic enzymes known as Serrapeptase.

It has been shown in clinical studies that Proteolytic enzymes are particularly effective at fighting cancer tumors.

Serrapeptase is known as the miracle enzyme because of its powerful ability to digests non-living scar tissue that accumulates in the body. This non-living tissue is as a result of many inflammatory disorders that are happening in the body including cancer.


Serrapeptase has been shown to be particularly effective at dissolving:


  • Blood clots
  • Arterial plaque
  • Fibroids
  • Fibrocystic Breast tissue
  • Cysts and tumors of any kind


Serrapeptase is a powerful cancer therapy agent. It can seek out the biofilm that covers cancer cells making them visible to the immune system.

Cancer cells have an outer protective layer which prevents them from being detected by the immune system. This means that cancer can metastasise and grow aggressively when left to its own devices.

Serrapeptase’s  ability to dissolve the outer layer of these cancer cells is what makes it a powerful cancer fighting agent.


Serrapeptase Helps To Dissolve Cancer Tumors

Fibrin is the protein that holds this tumour mass together. When Serrapeptase encounters this tumour mass it will break down the tumour mass safely and effectively which can then be eliminated by the body.

It Stops The Tumour From Growing Its Own Blood Supply Network

Cancer tumours are extremely dangerous because they grow their own blood supply network, causing damage to arteries and veins in the process. Serrapeptase inhibits the growth of this fibrin-which stops the tumour from growing and having access to its own blood supply network.


People who are suffering from cancer have high levels of fibrin which is dead waste protein matter that is created by cancer cells. The body can collect these dead cells and isolate them in a particular area of the body which then becomes known as benign tumours initially – which in turn can become cancerous.

When somebody suffering from aggressive cancer – that has already metastasized, the body is already fighting a debilitating disease that is affecting the immune system and especially with metastasis the cancer can rapidly spread infecting all organs and systems of the body. No part of the body is safe when cancer cells can freely roam and set up a new colony anywhere they choose.


Lung Cancer Benefits With Serrapeptase

People suffering from lung cancer may particularly benefit from the use of systemic enzymes such as Serrapeptase.

The lungs can become congested with fluid buildup which  causes excess secretion and mucous. Serrapeptase can thin out the secretions and help the body in reducing fluid build-up.

Serrapeptase will digest non-living tissue which can then be eliminated by the body’s natural system.This will help the lungs to resume  functioning optimally. The body’s own immune system will then have more energy and resources to be able to  deal with healing the body.

 From personal experience when my mother had terminal cancer her lungs were always congested with fluid buildup (Ascites). This made her cough and wheeze and often breathless.

**We noted that by using Serrapeptase she had weeks where the fluid came back slower than usual.


Pain Relief In Cancer Patients

Cancer patients suffer from extreme pain due to all the inflammation that is caused in the body. The standard practice of pain control is by giving morphine and codeine to patients as oral, patches or injections.

These medications do have their place for example with terminal cancer or any other terminal illness when someone is in extreme pain will need morphine. Other times where morphine and codeine are particularly important is if you have had surgery to remove cancerous tumours. Serrapeptase is a gentle and natural pain reliever.


Inflammation Caused By Cancer Surgery

When you have surgery to remove cancerous tumours there is a certain amount of inflammation that is caused directly because of having surgery. It can take months for the body to heal.  Serrapeptase has been shown as a natural anti-inflammatory, and a pain relief agent. Congested areas  such as swelling caused by having surgery can be helped by taking Serrapeptase.

Ascites And Cancer

Many terminal cancer patients often suffer from ascites- where fluid accumulates in the body, especially in the chest and abdomen area. This fluid known as ascites leaks out into the cavities of the abdomen and chest.

This is due to the cancer cells secreting waste products such as lactic acid making the area extremely acidic. Pathogen and bacteria can cause further infections to an already weak immune system. Making the problem worse.

Serrapeptase can help with reducing swelling, it may be beneficial for people suffering from ascites to use Serrapeptase. It is a natural anti- inflammatory as well as antimicrobial agent.


Serrapeptase Therapy As A Plus To Cancer Treatments

As I explained earlier enzymes are extremely crucial to help and support the immune system.

While enzymes do not directly kill cancer cells, they are an important support for the immune system. The immune system needs these enzymes to be able to function optimally and to clear up the toxins created by cancer.

Serrapeptase has shown to be able to dissolve the cancer cells biofilm

Macrophages are what kill cancer cells surrounding,  digesting them and destroying them. However these macrophages need to identify the cancer cells in the first place and with the cancer cells biofilm in place they can go undetected. 

When this biofilm is dissolved the immune system can detect the cancer cells. This alerts the immune system to kill the cancer cells.


Protecting Against Bacterial Infections For Cancer Patients.

When a person is suffering from cancer the immune system is extremely weakened this is not helped by the fact that there are many viruses’ pathogens and bacteria floating around and infecting various parts of the body where the cancer is metastasising.

This is one of the reasons that many cancer patients are given antibiotics to help with infection control. To also stop the development of pneumonia that can kill a person. Pneumonia is listed as one of the top death reasons listed on death certificates.

Bacteria and cancer cells develop something which is called a biofilm; this film covers the surface of the bacteria and cancer cells. When this happens the immune system cannot detect these abnormal cells.

The immune system does not recognize it as pathogen and hence ignores it which means that the pathogens can aggressively spread and grow in spreading the infection.

Serrapeptase has been shown to be able to dissolve these biofilms that are created by pathogens and bacteria in the body, hence allowing our immune system to seek out these pathogens and destroy them.

The quicker the immune system  detects these cancerous cells and  destroy them the slower the spread of cancer.

Serrapeptase can detect these biofilms and hence dissolve them while leaving them open to the immune system to detect, so that white blood cells can come and destroy cancer cells.


Safety Of Using Enzyme Therapy In Cancer Patients

Serrapeptase as an enzyme therapy is extremely safe and beneficial for people suffering from cancer. It is important to make sure that you are aware of the different types of medication that the patient is currently using.

For example certain medications may cause side effects if a cancer sufferer is already on 10 different types of medications.

**There is also a slight danger of increased bleeding if a cancer patient is on blood thinning medications.


Always Check Your Medications

It is always recommended to check with your Doctor or physician. Always read prescription leaflets for side effects and interactions when combining natural therapies with standard medications.

If however a cancer patient is not on any normal standard medications due to for example terminal cancer, then it is up to the cancer patient to decide which sort of natural alternative therapies they want to use.


  • Most cancer patients are given heavy doses of antibiotics, to fight infection such as pneumonia, rashes or any other sort of antibacterial infection that a cancer patient may suffer from because of low immune system function.
  • Blood thinning medications may also be prescribed to fight blood clots hence it is imperative to make sure that you do not double dose on blood thinning medication  and natural blood thinner such as Serrapeptase.


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