Serrapeptase Benefits For High Blood Pressure

Serrapeptase is extremely beneficial for people suffering from hypertensive blood pressure. High blood pressure is a symptom of many undetected low level chronic inflammatory processes that are occurring in the body.

The scientist Dr Hans Nieper discovered Serrapeptase’s ability to dissolve and digest cellular waste that can build up in arteries. This build up promotes high blood pressure as the arteries narrow and blood cannot flow optimally.

Fatty deposits, calcium, fibrin and cholesterol are the main culprits of arterial plaque.

Clinical Studies Show That Serrapeptase Can Clear Arterial Plaque

Clinical studies showed that Serrapeptase could clear arteries and return them to the natural state of health within two years. Almost reversing one of the factors of major heart disease.

The most amazing fact was that Serrapeptase dissolved arterial plaque, while being non-toxic and safe to the healthy cells and tissues.

Reducing Cholesterol With Serrapeptase Naturally

Therefore a substance that can heal the arteries without causing any other side effects is one of the reasons why many people with high blood pressure are looking to Proteolytic enzymes such as Serrapeptase to help deal with heart disease.

People  who are suffering from low level chronic inflammation, are at risk from developing all sorts of cardiovascular related diseases such as heart disease, coronary artery disease and  high cholesterol levels.

As Serrapeptase deals with inflammation, it helps support the body from developing chronic inflammation – a leading cause of hundreds of different types of diseases.


Serrapeptase Has A Blood Thinning Effect

The reason that Serrapeptase is beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure is because it has a blood thinning effect. Serrapeptase reduces the viscosity – the thickness of the blood hence allowing blood to flow easily through the arteries.

***If you are on any other blood thinning medications it is important to check with your physician before taking Serrapeptase.


Serrapeptase Reduces Arterial Plaque.

Serrapeptase has the benefits of reducing and dissolve in arterial plaque build-up. Many people who are suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure often have clogged arteries. This is where fatty deposits other material can accumulate in the arteries hence narrowing the amount of space that is left for the blood to be able to flow optimally.

This is extremely dangerous for people suffering from heart disease -  if the heart does not receive enough blood you can have a heart attack or stroke.








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