Serrapeptase Benefits For High Blood Pressure

1. Serrapeptase Benefits for High Blood Pressure

Serrapeptase may benefit individuals suffering from hypertensive blood pressure.

When arterial plaque builds up in the arteries – the arteries become narrow. As a result extra pressure is placed on the arteries due to blood struggling to flow.

This can lead to Ischaemic heart disease – i.e. reduced heart function. A lack of oxygen to the heart muscle can lead to heart attack, as well as coronary artery disease.


Coronary Artery Disease

Atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries – is due to fatty deposits such as calcium, fibrin and cholesterol which increase blood pressure as well as cause angina – heart pain and lead to myocardial infarction episodes.


Research shows That Serrapeptase Can Clear Arterial Plaque

Clinical studies demonstrated that Serrapeptase can dissolve arterial plaque, while being non-toxic and safe to the healthy cells and tissues.


Quicker than Chelation Therapy

There are many invasive procedures that are used in heart attack situations in the emergency room to dissolve clots.

An example is Chelation therapy – where a chemical solution i.e. synthetic is injected into the arteries. – flows through the arteries intended to attract and bind to heavy metals, chemical substances as well as foreign particulate matter that may be floating in the arteries and vascular pathway.

Injecting a chemical solution into an artery has its own set of risks. For example, the chemical solution may damage artery walls, leading to thinner arteries, which are prone to leaks and tears.

A safer alternative is to use Serrapeptase enzyme which has shown to be safe and non-toxic to healthy tissues.


2. Preventing Arterial Damage with Serrapeptase


Cholesterol – is a fatty substance made by the liver. Cholesterol is necessary for repair in the body. However excess cholesterol production increases your risk of coronary heart disease.

Hypercholesterolemia – a condition where there is too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to Atheroma – build-up of fatty substances within the walls of the arteries narrowing them.


Atherosclerosis – narrow arteries due to build-up of substances in arterial walls. Can Cause problems such as Angina – when the heart muscle doesn’t get as much blood and oxygen as it needs.



Proteolytic enzymes such as Serrapeptase help prevent heart disease.

People  who are suffering from low level chronic inflammation, are at risk from developing all sorts of cardiovascular related diseases such as heart disease1, and coronary artery disease.

Clear Arteries

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that can clear the arteries safely compared to standard medications.



3. Serrapeptase Has a Blood Thinning Effect


Serrapeptase is beneficial for individuals with high blood pressure as it has a thinning effect on the blood.

Serrapeptase reduces the viscosity – the thickness of the blood hence allowing blood to flow easily through the arteries.

Additionally improving your diet such as eating fish high in omega 3 – a type of fatty acid found in fish oils can help   reduce triglyceride levels as well as reduce blood clotting.

As well as Supplementing with antioxidants – Vitamins and other phytochemicals found mainly in vegetables and fruit – which may help to prevent heart disease.

Drugs & Medications

Side effects of some form are almost guaranteed with standard medications – which are chemicals the liver has to neutralise.

Liver Toxicity

Chemicals are toxic to the liver – with over 100 types of liver diseases, longterm Medication use is hard on the liver. The liver has to neutralise chemicals which are then eliminated by the body. Hence is important to protect the liver.


Anticoagulants such as statins can prevent arterial blockages. However they also have a number of side effects for example they also block key enzymes in the liver preventing the biosynthesis of cholesterol i.e. cholesterol production which is necessary for our body.

All organs in the body require cholesterol2 to function optimally. Using medications that inhibit cholesterol production can be harmful for health longterm. Serrapeptase does not inhibit cholesterol proruction.

Medications and Excess Cholesterol

Certain medications trigger the body into producing excess cholesterol and fibrin.


Statins for example trigger the body into producing excess cholesterol, which is ironic, as Statins are meant to be preventing cholesterol from being produced in the first place.


Fatty substances and arterial plaque can lead to narrowing arteries, i.e. creating stenosis.



4. Serrapeptase Reduces Arterial Plaque.


Serrapeptase may be effective in reducing and dissolving arterial plaque build-up2. Heart disease creates high blood pressure due to clogged arteries.

This is where fatty deposits, cholesterol, calcium and protein molecules can accumulate in the arteries. As a result narrowing the amount of space that is left for the blood to be able to flow optimally.

This is an extremely dangerous situation to be in – if the heart does not receive enough blood you can have a heart attack or stroke. As well as raising the risk of deep vein thrombosis which is high3.

Stroke Prevention

Serrapeptase also protects against strokes and is recommended for stroke patients to supplement under the guidance of their physician or doctor.

A number of medications used for heart disease and preventing Atherosclerotic Plaque Build-up include:

  • Cholesterol lowering drugs – to lower the blood cholesterol level
  • Fibrate – reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Anticoagulant – used to reduce the risk of blood clots forming
  • Statin – A drug used to control cholesterol levels
  • Lipid lowering drug – medications used to bring down cholesterol levels in the blood. Lipids are the Fatty substances in the blood which include cholesterol, triglycerides and Lipoproteins – a protein shell which carries cholesterol around the body.
  • ACE inhibitors – Angiotensin Converting Enzyme’ medication used to treat, heart disease, high blood pressure and heart failure
  • Anti-platelet drug – drug to slow down blood clotting by reducing platelet stickiness
  • Isosorbide dinitrate – used to help prevent angina attacks
  • Isosorbide mononitrate – used to help prevent angina attacks


Heart Failure Drugs include:

  • Beta-blocker – drugs which slow your heart rate and reduce blood pressure
  • Calcium channel blocker (calcium antagonist) – A drug to treat angina and high blood pressure
  • Digoxin – used to help treat heart failure and certain abnormal heart rhythms
  • Diuretic – A drug used to treat heart failure and high blood pressure
  • StreptokinaseA drug used to help dissolve an acute blood clot which is blocking an artery for example in a heart attack.
  • Glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) – A drug which relieves and helps prevent angina attacks
  • Aspirin – A drug used to help thin the blood and prevent clots forming
  • Clot-busters – drugs used to dissolve a clot in an emergency for example during a heart attack


Serrapeptase can help to support and help reduce   many standard medications used over time.

Serrapeptase is extremely beneficial for heart related disorders of all types and can be safely supplemented while reducing harsher medications.

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